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  1939 March 10, 1939 - Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia. (Link to history)
September 1, 1939 - Nazis invade Poland. This marks the beginning of World War II. (Link to history)
November 1939 - Louvre masterpieces stored in castle at Chambord. (Link to history)
  1940 June 5, 1940 - Italy orders protection of artistic works under the superintendent of the Florentine Galleries, Giovanni Poggi–five days before entering the war officially. Law 1089/1939. (Link to history in Italian)
June 10, 1940 - Italy enters World War II. Mussolini declares war on Britain and France. (Link to history)
Florentine collections are moved to Tuscan countryside. (Link to history)
September 1940 - Piazza della Signoria is shown in these photographs to have some, but not all, sculptures bricked over. Interestingly, this pre-dates the protection of Michelangelo's David by two years. (Photo in September 1940 - Not everyone gets covered)
  1941 November 1941 - Hitler visits Florence. (Link to YouTube video footage of the visit) (Compare to video footage of his visit in 1938)
  1942 June 1942 - Gassing at Auschwitz begins. (Link to history)
1942 - Michelangelo's David and The Slaves are bricked over by Florentines. Three years later, the brick domes were removed. ("Saving Italy" by Robert M. Edsel)
  1943 July 10, 1943 - Allies invade Sicily. (Link to history)
July 19, 1943 - Allies air raid Rome. (Link to history)
July 25, 1943 - Mussolini ousted, King Emmanuel III in power. Mussolini is imprisoned. (Link to history)
July 1943 - Creation in the United States of the Roberts Commission (American Commission for the Protection and Salvage of Artistic and Historic Monuments in War Areas). The commission includes MFAA Officers (Monuments, Fine Arts and Officers Files) charged to assist the forces on the ground in the recovery of works of art. (Link to history)
September 3, 1943 - Allies sign armistice with Italy. (Link to history)
September 8, 1943 - The Italian armistice with the Allies is announced. (Link to history)
September 11, 1943 - German occupation of Italy. This ended on August 4, 1944.
September 25, 1943 - Allies bomb Florence, as a "secondary 'target of opportunity' selected on short notice after the original mission on Bologna was abandoned due to cloud cover. Eleven of the thirty-nine B-17 Flying Fortresses changed course and headed for Florence to bomb the Campo di Marte marshaling yards. The bombs largely missed their target but killed 218 people... The Allies later bombed the outskirts of Florence on January 18 and February 8, 1944."(Saving Italy, Edsel page 105)
October 13, 1943 - New Italian government declares war on Germany. (Link to history)
After the German invasion, deportation of Italian Jews to Nazi death camps began. (Link to history)
November 1943 - Jews of Florence were deported to Auschwitz. (Link to history)


In general - Works for Linz are hidden in the Austrian salt mines of Alt Aussee; Germans transfer artworks throughout Italy while trying to remove them to Germany. (Link to history)
February 15, 1944 - U.S. bombers destroy Monte Cassino. (Link to history)
March 11, 1944 - Allies bomb Florence in an effort to disrupt the central railline hub that serviced the front lines for the Germans (Santa Maria Novella train station). (Link to history) (Link to an article in Italian) (Link to history)
March 23, 1944 - Germans slaughter 300 Italian civilians for resistance movement. (Link to article on History Channel)
June 12, 1944 - President Roosevelt establishes shelter at Fort Ontario. (Link to history)
June 20, 1944 - President Roosevelt announces "Safe Haven." (Link to history)
July 21, 1944 - "USNS Henry Gibbins" leaves Naples for New York. (Link to New York Times Article)
July 1944 - Allies reach Florence. (Link to history)
August 3, 1944 - "Safe Haven" refugees arrived in New York City. (Link to history)
August 3, 1944 - Germans blow up all bridges except the Ponte Vecchio. (Link to history) (Link to Aljazeera America article) (Photo of map of destruction by Frederick Hartt) A shell landed on the Loggia roof. (Link to article) (Link to close-up of info in article)
August 4, 1944 - Video from Piazza della Signoria after Nazis are expelled. (Video–see 4minutes, 59 seconds–thank you Peter!)
August 5, 1944 - Refugees arrived in Oswego, New York. (Link to history)
September 7, 1944 - Germans retreat from Florence. (Link to history)

  1945 April 28, 1945 - Mussolini killed. (Link to history)
May 2, 1945 - German Surrender. (Link to Smithsonian Article)
May 8, 1945 - World War II in Europe is declared over. (Link to history)
June 18, 1945 - Perseus extracted from the Loggia cellar. (Link to translated email from Paolo de Anna)
July 22, 1945 - Art works are returned to Florence. (Link to Smithsonian Article)